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What are the weekly/daily operating hours?

Monday through Friday, 8:45AM - 3PM, with additional aftercare available M-F until 4PM (full schedule available here)

At what ages can children attend GanMidPen?

We accept children from 0 to 5 years of age

What days or holidays will the school be closed?

We are closed on legal holidays, Jewish holidays and 1.5 weeks for winter break (full holiday schedule here)

What days or holidays will the school be closed?

Only virtual tours are available at this time, please contact us to arrange for a call!

What is the academic program?

Curriculum is inspired by Reggio Emilia play-based approach

What is the social growth program?

Children are encouraged to work in collaborative teams, problem-solving and learning from one another. They are encouraged to dialogue, critique, compare, negotiate and hypothesize. Multiple perspectives help children build reciprocal relationships.

What is the movement (motor skill activities) program?

Using the outdoor environment to develop gross motor skills, such as running, climbing and planting.  For fine motor skills we use the “Loose Parts” method where children have access to loose parts to create and learn.

What is the art and music program?

Art: Through encounters with a wide range of media and materials, children become more comfortable and skilled and begin to use the materials to communicate or represent their understandings, emotions, discoveries, and interests. The schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy refer to this communication as “The Hundred languages”. 


Music: Children play with musical instruments as well as Musical “Loose Parts” to explore the sound of music.

Which other concepts will children learn?

Children will learn letters, numbers, aleph bet, Jewish holidays, science, and math in a Reggio-inspired curriculum

What kind of play spaces are there?

Indoor play, outdoor play space and gardening

Are meals provided?

Meals are provided: lunch and a morning and afternoon snack

Are there checks for food allergies?


How often will the games and toys and equipment be cleaned?

Every day, after school

How will preschool visitors be handled?

There are no outside visitors allowed during the ongoing epidemic

Will there be field trips?


Will the children take naps?


Are there any usage or restrictions for electronics?

Children do not interact with electronics

What types of games and toys will the children have access to?

Minipulatives, play kitchen, cars, trains, and “Loose Parts”

Are there parent-teacher conferences?


How will the school handle discipline of the children?

We use the “Conscious Discipline” method: modeling good processing of negative emotions to teach children how to deal with their own frustrations

How is Judaism incorporated into the classroom?

Our Jewish values drive the environment of the daycare. We model and encourage kindness, respect, compassion, confidence and responsibility as well as curiosity and education. We teach the Jewish holidays in an integrated curriculum, hold a weekly Shabbat party, and expose the children to Hebrew language as well as the Hebrew Alphabet. Additionally, we will have Holiday celebrations (COVID-permitting).

What are the daycare costs for the 2022-2023 year?

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